A short story

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While I lived, I took many things for granted.

I had not realised the comforting warmth of the summer breeze during the vacation with my parents, nor did I cherish the presence of my loved ones. I did not dwell on their thoughts. I believed that perceiving the world negatively, in the dull shades of black-and-white, was all I lived for.

I believed the world to be an ugly, snarling creature. In my mind, life was an adventure full of greatness, infected by undefeatable darkness. …

A short story

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The world around Ana was misty, obstructing her view like an opaque wall. It smelled of grime and rot, but faintly, she caught the scent of the crisp morning air. It was the most pleasant smell. If only the world was not showered with debris, rubble and dust, she would have bathed in the aroma as if it were her last day on earth.

Frankly, she knew she would not.

Every morning, she would step out of her front door with weariness clinging onto her eyelids. Ana’s eyes would fall on her dog, Maximus, and a wave of dread would…

It is common among authors

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Say that you’re planning to write a book, and you have an unbelievable expectation for your debut novel. Immediate cash, recognition and acknowledgement. Believing that the book would be the key to everything.

It’s a bummer that it probably will not happen.

I’m not saying it is impossible. In fact, it had been achieved by individuals such as The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas or The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides. They are inspiring and talented writers, people who accomplished something many others doesn’t.

A book does not simply ‘blow up’ online.

It takes many steps before such achievement…

It’s so rare these days

I’m still a student, and as a student, I go to school. This year, I met someone who’s unbelievably kind.

I simply had the sudden urge to share, so that’s what I’m going to do. Blog about the most generous person I was able to meet.

At the start of this year, a Literature teacher took up my class. His method of teaching is so unique and fun that I started looking forward to his lessons. Mind you, this does not happen often. In fact, this barely happens at all.

Earlier this year, only a handful of people knew I…

A poem

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I danced with the devil,
under the radiant moonlight.
He had held out his hands,
and my heart went off like dynamite.

I danced with the devil,
under the pretty starlight.
He twirled me around,
his moves so gentle and polite.

I danced with the devil,
under the ending night.
I knew this was wrong,
yet it felt so right.

I danced with the devil,
under the dusky twilight.
He told me his name
and said I was a gorgeous sight.

I danced with the devil,
under the ascending light.
I wished I understood his hint
when he said his name was Time.

I danced with the devil,
under the endless day sky.
Good things don’t last forever,
and I should learn to say goodbye.

I danced alone,
under a sky so bright.
The devil was a thief,
who stole moments in broad daylight.

Do we truly change the way we write?

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Many of us were encouraged to write as a child, even before memory existed to serve us. Despite the fact, only a portion bothered to stay and pursue this road as a hobby or a future career.

I have enjoyed creating and sharing since I was a child. Manipulating words to form messages and stories has always spoken to me. Stories I wrote at the age of seven to thirteen that I still keep proves it.

I came across them a few hours ago and spent some time reading the tales I thought were creative as a child. …

You can make your audience cry for characters that doesn’t exist

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If you have been a reader for an extended amount of time, crying for characters might not be strange in any way. Perhaps you are not a sensitive person, yet there are always those books that make you unbearably happy or sad. Sometimes, even to the point of tears.

So, how were the authors able to do such an amazing job?

As an author myself, I take notes of the scenes that impacts my mood the most. Usually, it is characters that cause the stir in my emotions. At other moments, they are scenes.


You’ve probably come across this thousand…

A thought

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Perhaps everyone around us has someone they despise who cannot be told off. They’re still there, and feeling like you are required to like them can be exhausting. Especially if you don’t.

I just got off the phone with a best friend. She mentioned that she was in a relationship. Again.

With the same man.

She made the boy apologize to me because he was abominable the first time they were together. Why me? I was reasonably furious at him for treating my best friend the way he did, and it seems like my approval meant something.

They were happy…

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A somebody with a passion towards creating and writing. | Be my friend: laijazel@gmail.com / jayzel_f

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